guided meditation

I have over 6 years of professional experience teaching meditation 

I can meet with one person or a group, virtually or in-person, and hold space for you to have a practice of breathing and visualization that regulates the nervous system. Whether in synchronized movement drawing from my background in Qigong and Yoga*, or in stillness as a nourishing restorative rest time in supported postures, meditation can allow you to be with your body and slow down the mind. 

I am a trauma-informed practitioner and if you encounter blocks or resistance in your process of moving your awareness into the body, we can talk about how the nervous system works after trauma and take baby steps towards getting you in relationship to a nourishing self-care practice of honoring where you are. 

Whether you are a curious beginner to the art of regulating your consciousness, or if you are hoping to access deep trance states while someone holds a safe space for you to connect with profound energies, I can adapt the meditation practice to your interests and experience level. Some of the examples of intentions we can set are loving-kindness, energetic boundaries, and spirit journeys.

If you want to have audio files of guided meditations for you to use on your own time, I can custom make recordings for you based on what you are hoping to cultivate. 

Prices are flexible based on your situation and request.

 *I want to offer a disclaimer here about my background as a yoga instructor. Since 2016 I have taught yoga to groups that embodied a spectrum of ages, abilities, races and economic classes. The norms of the yoga and wellness industry can be really damaging to people who fall outside of white, middle and upper class, able-bodied, cisgendered folks, and I have been personally harmed by the practices and power dynamics that happen in mainstream yoga spaces. While I honor the teachers, training, personal growth, and opportunities I have had from the yoga industry, I am at a point of reckoning with my discomfort with the colonial nature of white people like me commodifying yoga, and the abusive dynamics that pervade many yoga spaces. To honor my anti-colonial and anti-ableism values, I don't know whether I want to identify with an industry that is so toxic in these dimensions. My reflections on this matter are still a work in progress, but that is why I haven't listed yoga instruction as one of my services offered. However, I also know that the movement practices, breathwork techniques and philosophical understandings from Yoga's lineage are tremendous tools for self-actualization. At this time, I am comfortable incorporating yoga movement practices into my work with clients when there is a basis of understanding that I am actively invested in dismantling uneven power dynamics, and that my privileges of access to these Indian practices came from systems of injustice. Please be patient with me while I untangle my truth out of the mesh of capitalism and racism, and if you have feedback for me, particularly if you have joined my classes in the past, I would be honored to receive it.