energy healing

Belvaspata is angelic healing of the heart

As a Grand Master of Belvaspata energy work, I have been trained and initiated in the full scope of this modality. Belvaspata allows me to connect with angels and other dimensions to channel specific frequencies that will raise your vibration and/or dissipate blockages. It is a remarkably powerful form of energy work, regardless of your spiritual orientation towards angels or extraterrestrials. 

Energy work is very effective through distance healing using phone or video chat. I can offer a limited amount of in-person sessions in Miami, FL or if I happen to be traveling to your area. Feel free to reach out if you want me to keep you in mind if I am ever in your town.

Sliding scale: $60-120 for an hour, $90-$150 for an hour and a half

In a Belvaspata session, you can expect the session to go more or less as follows:

As a Grand Master level practitioner, I am able to teach and initiate people in Belvaspata energy work. If you are hoping to learn this form of healing, we can discuss whether I would be a good teacher for you. I recommend that people either have prior experience being attuned to Reiki or have received a significant amount of Belvaspata healing sessions prior to learning to practice it themselves.