intuitive readings

The cards guide me towards the answers already within you

Through tarot cards and other types of oracle cards, plus my own intuition, I can offer insights and guidance for a variety of questions: if you need to make a decision; if you want to get a map for what's happening next or how the past is affecting you; if you want clarity on your romantic life, career, or family; or for an open-minded inquiry for guidance and messages. In my intuitive readings, I do not claim to see the future, but I am a neutral channel to clarify or perceive information that might be in one of your blindspots, or different from what you would normally do. Readings can be a fun way to get advice about how to meet your goals, or they can be a profound set of insights about core wounds. I match your energy and I only offer compassionate, constructive information.

If you want to combine a card reading with energy work or guided meditation, the modalities all complement each other and I can split the time in a session accordingly. Like my other offerings, my practice is primarily virtual, or I can offer appointments in Miami, FL or if I happen to be traveling to your area. Please reach out if you want me to keep you in mind during my travels.
Quick reading: 5 minutes, $15. I will use one deck and do one pull of cards for you. A great way to get a succinct message. Sometimes all that a situation calls for is a single piece of guidance to focus on. 
Full reading: 30 minutes, $50. I will use multiple decks and do a more in-depth reading, with opportunities for you to reflect back to me how each set of messages feels so that we can collaboratively work towards a comprehensive understanding of your issue. If you need time to process something rather than a quick answer, this is the reading I would recommend.

Parties: 2 hour minimum, $300+. I absolutely love to offer readings at parties. I will bring everything to set up with all of my decks, crystals, incense, candles, and sacred objects or flowers. I also can bring herbs to serve herbal tea or craft a smoking blend for you and your guests. The opportunity for folks to have a psychic reading can seed intimate and unique conversations among your guests, and make the party unforgettable and magickal.