about me

Venom (they/them/theirs) is an artist, writer, witch, herbalist and healer. 

They graduated with honors from the Vanderbilt University Center for Medicine, Health and Society in Nashville, TN. This program had conventional health classes in anatomy, physiology, nutrition and microbiology, and classes that examine how ableism, racism, sexism, capitalism, and other collective phenomena create the diseases that individualistic models of healthcare locate in one individual's body. Through studying trauma, developmental psychology, reproductive justice, and other areas of interest, Venom fostered a specific viewpoint around how we heal when we are connected to systemic trauma and individual trauma. 

With a background in visual art and an evolution into studies of movement and consciousness, and a perpetual devotion to the inner child, they bring creativity, pleasure, joy, righteous anger, fierceness, truthfulness, compassion and candor to the practice of healing work. 

How can we love everything radical about ourselves?

Nonbinary: beyond how they transcend the gender binary, expanding beyond all binary thinking such as good/bad, right/wrong

Nonviolent: always intentional in investigating and dismantling systems of oppression, and the ways that those systems get reproduced through individual actions and biases

Sex-positive: safe and supportive of your personal sexual journey, never shameful or judgmental of kink, polyamory, queerness, and other wonderful ways that sexuality complicates and enriches our lives