Venom Spade

Belvaspata energy healing

guided meditation, RYT-200

intuitive readings

Greetings! I'm Venom (they/them/theirs), a queer, transmasculine, genderfluid witch. 

I call my business Magickal Venom to describe the essence of my healing practice. 

Magick refers to the rituals that cultivate magic. Magic is the beauty and mystery all around us, and magick is a way for us to connect to that power. I firmly believe that science and magick can coexist; however, magick taps into a raw, ancestral knowledge that has a different source from science and logic. Magick is a different way of doing, seeing and being. Magick is the path of the witch. 

Venom is the archetype of the strongest medicine. While venom is often feared, it initiates us into a test of our strength. When life stings us, it is my belief that we can nurture ourselves to then harvest healing and wisdom from experiences of trauma. We don't do this through bypassing the pain and hurt, but rather by tending to our wounds with compassion and learning from the vulnerability of our healing process. Ideally we learn how to protect ourselves, how to heal ourselves, and how to stay courageously open-hearted and not be consumed by fear of being stung again. 

To be clear, I will never intend to cause harm. I call myself Venom because I feel that I help people to face their fears, and because I have survived a lot in this life and I know that I am equipped to hold the hand of someone else walking the path of transformation after trauma.

Further, I chose the adjective "magickal" because I approach healing from a place of magick rather than science. I am in no way a replacement for a medical professional or a therapist, and you deserve to have your needs met by healers who have boundaries on their scope of practice. Magick is a way to heal energetic imbalances or spiritual disconnection, and is definitely not a means of diagnosing, treating or curing disease. 

Please explore my offerings and reach out of you have any questions or interest in my services.