List of Services

As multi-dimensional beings, our self-care needs can be complex and nuanced. If you have any requests beyond what I've outlined here, feel free to reach out and talk to me, and we can get creative as to how your needs can be met.


herbs prepared with love and intention, including:

herbal tea blends


skin care/ salves

oil infusions

smoking blends

Prices are based on cost of the herbs and labor involved in preparation. $20+

Energy Work

I am trained in Belvaspata energy work and Qigong Healing, and my background as a yoga teacher (RYT-200) enabled me to learn the workings of the chakra system and kundalini energy.

In an energy work session, whether we work virtually or in-person, we take time to talk about how your energy is feeling and what our intention is going to be for the healing work. I am a channel for powerful angelic entities, and with your consent to go into your energy field, I can clear blockages, invite in positive energy and harmonize and balance where needed. This is a great modality if you have a certain question you have been wanting clarity from the Universe around, because it allows me to hear messages from spirit while I am directly connected to your energy field. We can invite specific deities, angels, guides, and spirits or hold space for general benevolent energy to move through to you.

Sliding scale: $60-120 for an hour, $90-$150 for an hour and a half


I can meet with one person or a group, virtually or in-person, and hold space for you to have a practice of breathing and visualization that regulates the nervous system. Whether in synchronized movement drawing from my background in qigong and yoga, or in stillness as a nourishing restorative rest time in supported postures, meditation can allow you to be with your body and slow down the mind.

I am a trauma-informed practitioner and if you encounter blocks or resistance in your process of moving your awareness into the body, we can talk about how the nervous system works after trauma and take baby steps towards getting you in relationship to a nourishing self-care practice of honoring where you are.

Whether you are a curious beginner to the art of regulating your consciousness, or if you are hoping to access deep trance states while someone holds a safe space for you to connect with profound energies, I can adapt the meditation practice to your interests and experience level. Some of the examples of intentions we can set are loving-kindness, cord-cutting, manifestation, and spirit journeys.

If you want to have audio files of guided meditations for you to use on your own time, I can custom make recordings for you based on what you are hoping to cultivate.

Prices are flexible based on your situation and request.